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Our Guide to the Venice Biennale

Students at the Venice Biennale

Students visited Venice during the most important recurring international art exhibition, The Venice Biennale. Students began the class on the Reynolda campus during the spring semester and ...

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Contemporary Art and the Venice Biennale (Art 199) - SPRING 2022

2022 Venice Biennale PosterThis exciting course is taught both on campus and in Venice during the most important recurring international art exhibition, The Venice Biennale. Students begin the class on the Reynolda ...

Fall 2022 Course Posters

Fall 2022 Courses: Art History | Studio Art |

Arts Senior Spotlight

WFU Arts Senior SpotlightOur seniors are an incredible, tenacious, and eclectic bunch. Studying economics, computer science, politics, biology, languages, statistics, communications, and mathematics in addition to their ...

Lynn Huffard (’21), Art History Major

Art History Student, Lynn Huffard '21 featured outstanding senior in Old Old and Black

“A class that I loved so much, because it really challenged the way I think about the spaces we live in, was History of World Architecture,” Huffard said. “You know, it’s an ...

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