Studio art at Wake Forest encompasses the teaching, study, and practice of visual art that includes drawing, design, film and video, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.  Our goal is to develop visual language in these media that challenges the ways we look at the world, and to use the direct experience of making art to foster responsibility, courage and tenacity in our students.

Our faculty are artists who are themselves engaged in creating and exhibiting art for the full range of audiences from small communities to national and international exhibitions. We offer an entry into college-level studio art through a wide range of introductory courses that lead to specialized courses in every area.

Courses Offered

Majors and minors in Studio Art

How do you major in studio art? You need to take eight courses in studio art and two in art history. There are more specific requirements that are designed to introduce you to a range of media as well as a set of concentrations to develop depth in your chosen area.

What about a minor? A minor in studio art requires five courses: four in studio art and one in art history.  No special requirements hereā€”just choose four studio courses that interest you.


What can you do with a studio art major?  Lots of things! Many of our graduates go on to work in fields related to visual culture such as graphic design, architecture, media production, and of course working as artists and makers. Careers as educators or with art museums and galleries are also very common, but there are many other options. Because you learn to both interpret and create visual information, studio art combines well with careers in medicine, law, and publishing. Because many artists are entrepreneurial, we see many studio majors go on to start companies and become successful in business.

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