Art Alumni Archive

Contemporary Art and the Venice Biennale (Art 199) – SPRING 2022

This exciting course is taught both on campus and in Venice during the most important recurring international art exhibition, The Venice Biennale. Students begin the class on the Reynolda campus during the spring semester, and complete it with a capstone experience in residence at the Wake Forest Campus at Casa Artom, during which students explore the city […]

WFU Studio Art alum Steve Gurysh (’06) Exhibition and Artist Talk, Oct 28, 5:30 pm, Hanes Gallery

stArt is pleased to welcome back WFU Studio Art alum Steve Gurysh (’06) for an artist’s talk and presentation of his work and career. Join us in the Hanes Gallery @ 5:30pm to hear more from Steve and learn about working in the arts. Immediately followed by the exhibition reception for “Blue sky thunder days” […]

Exhibition: mutable / immutable, Paintings by Kaylah Bozkurtian (’22), Oct 18 – Dec 11, stArt.dt (Wake Downtown)

“The works in this exhibition were produced exclusively with paints (oil and acrylic) and archival inks — materials bearing strong connotations of permanence and finality — but their imagery is far from static. I consider this body of work to be the externalization of an internal process: the process of identifying the things  I can control and […]

Arts Senior Spotlight

Our seniors are an incredible, tenacious, and eclectic bunch. Studying economics, computer science, politics, biology, languages, statistics, communications, and mathematics in addition to their creative pursuits, they embody the interdisciplinary bent of the Arts experience at Wake Forest. Below are just a handful of these brilliant seniors—see what they’ve been doing, and what’s coming next. […]

Artnet News: WFU Art Alumna, Sarah Slappey (’06), Solo exhibition at Sargent’s Daughters in NYC

How Does Rising Artist Sarah Slappey Stay Mellow While Painting Scenes of ‘Quiet Violence’? A Soothing Studio Soundtrack – The artist’s newest works are currently on view in “Self Care” at Sargent’s Daughters in New York.

WFU Art Alumna, Bentrice Jusu (’13): Firefighter Artivist

“Art, to me, is more risky than firefighting, and I’m using art to start the necessary dialogue in this town about what happens, and what can happen, and how art can be a catalyst to drive those conversations — about change.” A profile of the irrepressible Bentrice Jusu (’13).

Lynn Huffard (’21), Art History Major

“A class that I loved so much, because it really challenged the way I think about the spaces we live in, was History of World Architecture,” Huffard said. “You know, it’s an introductory level course but I think everyone should take it because I think learning about the way we as people move through spaces and […]

Mikey Mattone (’21), Studio Art and Business and Enterprise Management Major

Wake Forest immediately was a draw to Mattone because it offered the ability to try new things … “In the info session, my mom and I were nudging each other the whole time. We were thinking ‘Oh my God, the opportunities,’” Mattone said.

Riley Phillips (’21), Studio Art and German Major, Art History Minor

Although Riley Phillips calls Orlando, Fla. home, she spent parts of elementary school and high school living in Germany and took her first German class during her freshman year of high school in Stuttgart. Phillips graduated from an arts high school in Orlando and wanted to pick German back up at Wake Forest, so she […]

Art for Impact: Students Purchase Works for WFU to Reflect the Times

Every four years since 1963, a small group of students has traveled to New York City, with University funds, to purchase art for Wake Forest’s Student Union Art Collection – works that reflect the times.