Fall 2023 Course Schedule

64958ART-103 AHistory of Global ArtMW 02:00 -03:15James102
64959ART-103 BHistory of Global ArtWF 12:30 -01:45Gao102
65108ART-103 CHistory of Global ArtTR 02:00 -03:15Guthrie102
61930ART-105 AHistory of World ArchitectureMW 02:00 -03:15MooreWING 302
64960ART-106 AGlobal Contemporary ArtTR 09:30 -10:45Curley102
62815ART-110 AStudio Practice with Digital IntegrationMW 12:30 -03:00Gentry12
63949ART-110 BStudio Practice with Digital IntegrationTR 03:30 -06:00Ellis12
65396ART-110 CIntro to Digital Photo: Film StillsTR 09:30 -12:00Pickel202
60177ART-112 AIntroduction to PaintingTR 09:30 -12:00Ogedengbe8
61497ART-113 ADrawing w/Digital IntegrationMW 03:30 -06:00Gentry12
60304ART-114 AIntroduction to Film and Video ArtMW 03:30 -06:00Tauber202
62079ART-115 AIntroduction to SculptureTR 12:30 -03:00McPhearson2
65511ART-115 BIntroduction to SculptureTR 03:30 -06:00McPhearson2
60256ART-117 AIntroduction to PrintmakingMW 03:30 -06:00Faber10
61179ART-118 AIntroduction to DrawingTR 06:00 -08:30Ellis12
63277ART-119 AIntroduction to Darkroom PhotographyTR 12:30 -03:00Pickel202
61020ART-211 AIntermediate DrawingTR 09:30 -12:00Palmiter12
64102ART-212 APainting IITR 12:30 -03:00Ogedengbe6
64103ART-213 APainting IIITR 12:30 -03:00Ogedengbe6
65055ART-214 AFilm and Video Art: Site SpecificMW 12:30 -03:00Tauber202
64104ART-217 AIntermediate PrintmakingMW 12:30 -03:00Faber10
61021ART-221 AAdvanced DrawingTR 09:30 -12:00Palmiter12
64105ART-227 AAdvanced PrintmakingMW 12:30 -03:00Faber10
63322ART-259 AThe History of PhotographyTR 12:30 -01:45Givens9
65059ART-264 AFilm Stills: Digital PhotographyTR 09:30 -12:00Pickel202
65112ART-265 AArt and Life in Renaissance EuropeTR 11:00 -12:15Guthrie9
65060ART-273 A18th-Century European Art: the Birth of the Modern WorldWF 11:00 -12:15O’Neill102
64525ART-286 AEast Asian ArtWF 09:30 -10:45Gao9
64123ART-286 BTopics in African ArtMW 05:00 -06:15James9
64598ART-293 APracticumCurley
60281ART-394 AIssues in Art HistoryR 12:30 -03:00Curley103
62083ART-396 AGlobal Contexts, Local ArchitectureT 12:30 -03:00Moore103