Portrait of Assistant Professor Ruiying Gao

Assistant Professor

Office Location: 108 in Scales Fine Arts Center

E-mail: gaor@wfu.edu

Dr. Gao (B.A. University of Hong Kong, M.A. Columbia University, Ph.D. University of Kansas) teaches East Asian Art at Wake Forest. Her research fields include intersections of natural history and pictorial arts, book culture, and women artists. Her current project examines the social history of materia medica images in the Ming dynasty of China (1368-1644). In addition to her specialty in painting history, Dr. Gao is also interested in Japanese prints, Chinese bronze culture, and interregional transmissions of art within and beyond East Asia. Her research has been supported by the Bei Shan Tang Foundation, the Metropolitan Center for Far Eastern Art Studies, the Getty Foundation, and the Hall Center for Humanities.