FLASH VIDEO MOBS poster image

Wake Forest students in the “Filmmaking And Video Art: Cyberspace” class have created 2-channel video art projects about local issues of concern to them. These projects will be presented at local sites that connect in some way to the issues that are brought up in each project.Info for the flash video mobs below. Visit each project website for more details.

Cassie Tan, “Homesick”, Feb 23, 1 pm, Benson Food Court, Wake Forest University. https://gsoasianfood.wordpress.com

Maggie Gifford, “65+: Your Forgotten Neighbors”, Feb 24, 7 PM, Magnolia Residence Hall on Wake Forest’s campus on the wall that faces Carroll Weathers Drive. https://maggiegifford.wordpress.com

Ziyan Zhang, “Happy New Year”, Feb 25, 1 pm, Carswell basement lounge, WFU. https://ziyan447817732.wordpress.com

Garrett Eison, “What Happened To Ashley?”, Feb 25, 7 PM, courtyard in front of (lower) Scales Fine Arts Center, WFU. https://garretteison.wordpress.com/

Uma Bernardo “BE”, Feb 25, 5 pm, Tribble courtyard, WFU. https://umabernardo.wordpress.com/a-two-channel-project-by-uma-bernardo/

Kevin Yu, “Table” Feb 26, 5pm, Benson lobby, ground floor, WFU. https://kevinyu795045647.wordpress.com

Matt Motyl, “//mt//“, Feb 26, 9 PM, Cugino Forno courtyard, 486 N Patterson Ave, Winston-Salem 27101. https://mtmotyl.wordpress.com/