Student Video Art: Courtney Geiger – Wish I Could be a Kardashian So I Could be Black

Internet culture, black women on the internet, cultural appropriation and Kardashian-culture are some of the first ideas that come to mind with Courtney Geiger’s 5-channel video project, titled “Wish I Could Be A Kardashian So I Could Be Black”. Courtney’s inspiration for this project comes from how, specifically, the Kardashian culture appropriates black culture to create a kind of mass-trend on the internet.

In one video, which Courtney calls both poignant and satirical, she does her nails, plants cotton into a small flower-bed, picks the cotton, and then finally uses the cotton to remove the nail polish. The motivation to make this video came to her when she was driving through the backcountry of South Carolina – where she is from – and saw the expanses of cotton fields, all while imagining herself picking the cotton herself. While thinking of herself in that environment, she began to draw some connections to contemporary, and thus mass-media, culture (like the Kardashian-domain).

Here is a link to Courtney’s project.

A little about Courtney Geiger: Courtney is an English major and Studio Art minor, and is from Lexington, SC. When speaking about art, she believes that making artwork is about having the ability to express yourself, and in a way that you really can’t do in regular life; it’s personal, and useful to be able to look and edit ourselves retrospectively. She is currently working on another piece about the internet, and how it misconstrues being depressed/anxious into being a positive trend. This project will be showing on February 27 in Downtown Winston-Salem (projected onto the buildings of Wake Downtown campus), from 7-9pm.

For more of Courtney’s artwork and her website, follow the links: