Euro Tour | May 26 – June 28, 2016

Explore contemporary art with Joel Tauber in 9 different cities in Europe this summer!

EuroTour, ART 199: International Studies in Art

In this criticism class, we will delve into the contemporary art world; as we encounter new art in Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Munich, Berlin, Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, and Venice. We will develop a critical and interdisciplinary framework for evaluating what we see, through a multitude of lenses: including aesthetics, ethics, philosophy, and politics. We will focus primarily on one contemporary work of art per class and discuss it seminar-style; as we learn skills to understand the different forms of cultural production that we will discover on our trip, as well as the different kinds of media that we are bombarded with in our daily lives. Students will make oral presentations to prepare the class for discussions, and they will write short works of art criticism.

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