Interview with art major, Kayla Amador, on her recent solo exhibition, Kansatsu, at START Gallery

Something that I learned during my time in Japan that I want to convey through this exhibition is the importance of text in space as serving both a practical and aesthetic purpose. This, of course, is something that can be seen globally, but when considering a logographic language like Japanese, I feel the aesthetic potential of the text is quite strong. Language functions as communication, but this communication relies on the text being noticeable and understood. I enjoyed photographing text that that asserted its function, text I knew how to read, as well as text I did not, and text that I felt created dialogue visually, within the space it existed.

Two Years In Between: A chance for students to be involved with the work of Andrew Moore and the WFU Student Union Art Collection

Application deadline Wed, Feb 18. Selection and student participation will take place this Spring 2015. Through this opportunity, a small select group of highly motivated and art-engaged students will take part in the research, interpretation, explication, curation, and installation of the work of an artist in the WFU Student Union Collection of Contemporary Art. More […]

Art gallery features student work

“Each year the student exhibition is the highlight of Hanes Gallery’s season,” said Paul Bright, assistant director of the gallery. “The exhibition gives a good overview of what is being created in the studios at all levels.”

Moving pictures: ‘From Self to Other’ Student art gallery showcases selections from video art classes

START, Wake Forest’s student art gallery, is hosting an exhibition of projection and monitor-based works produced by professor Joel Tauber’s video art students. Works from four different classes will be on display. Video art produced by students in Tauber’s introductory class focuses on identity-based projects. “I want students to produce works about themselves, because a […]

Printmaking exhibition opens: START Gallery’s ‘Lightening Strikes’ features work by student artists, Q and A with Professor of Art, David Faber

…I posed this question: “What makes our brains register lightning as lightning and not a branching tree or portion of a root system or the veining of a vascular system?” We see a lightning strike and know immediately that it was lightning and nothing else. We also realize the ephemera of a strike — that […]

Let it Show: A celebration of art Undergraduate artwork on display in START Gallery exhibition

Undergraduate students rarely have the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in a professional gallery setting. In a liberal arts environment, as opposed to fine arts schools, it is almost unheard of. This evening, the START Gallery, Wake Forest University’s student art gallery, is unveiling its final exhibition of the semester, featuring the work of 22 […]